Form Strategic Partnerships


Look for companies that are complementary to your own to potentially expand your contract. For example, if you offer catering services, you can partner with a venue. 

Attending food conferences/conventions and participating in local food events are great ways to get the word out about your company while also connecting with individuals who may be able to help grow your business. See examples of local conventions/expos on the Marketing Strategies page.

Consider becoming a member of the following organizations that are applicable to you and attending any events or shows that they host:

Upcycled Food Association

Specialty Food Association

National Restaurant Association

American Culinary Federation

ReFED Food Waste Action Network

Does your restaurant implement proven solutions for reducing food waste? Consider submitting a LOI for ReFED's Catalytic Grant Fund!

Legal Support

Attorneys who specialize in the food and beverage industry can offer support with transactions related to business planning and growth such as investments, acquisitions, commercial agreements, and other day-to-day legal needs.

Rachel Packer is a partner at Blank Rome in Philadelphia who specializes in the food & beverage and manufacturing industries.

Licensing Deals

Consider licensing your product to others and sharing the revenue.

Franchise Model

As your business becomes more successful, consider a franchise model to grow and expand your reach.